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Getting a good nights’ sleep is essential to good physical and mental health.

Quite simply put – when we don’t get enough sleep both our mental and physical health suffers.

During our REM sleep our brains are busy processing the events of the previous day. Storing, sorting and making sense of things. Our mind needs to store past events away as narrative memories, a memory without the emotions attached to them.

This is why if you perhaps have sharp words with someone one day or evening, you may go to bed and wake up the next day perhaps remembering the argument, but with the anger or other emotion no longer attached. This is how things are usually processed when you regularly get a good night’s sleep.

However, when we are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis, things can go wrong. If we go to bed with the events of the day playing on our mind, in a state of stress or feeling anxious our sleep can be disturbed. We may in fact have trouble getting to sleep. We may wake up in the middle of the night, wide awake and then unable to get back to sleep.

Such sleeping patterns can have a really detrimental effect on us.

As I have mentioned in one of my blogs, we can actually last longer without food than we can without sleep – that really should help you put into perspective just how essential it is to get on top of your sleeping habits.

Hypnotherapy can really help reduce stress and anxiety and be beneficial to your mental wellbeing. This is because it addresses all the factors in your life which may be causing you to be stressed or anxious. Such stresses can be built up over a long time. As a registered clinical hypnotherapist I can work with you to help you address such matters and build mental resilience. 

In order for you to have a sample of just how effective deep relaxation can be in helping you to drift off into a blissful night of sleep I have made my relaxation track available for you to download completely free of charge.

I recommend that you just listen to the track, however there are relaxing flames and other images on the accompanying video and some people find it helpful to go to sleep with the track playing on their phone, with the phone pointed up at the ceiling as they gently drift off into blissful relaxation and restful sleep.

How you enjoy the track is totally up to you. It is yours to download and keep completely free of charge. 

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Your ability to really understand my issues is amazing, your explanation of how the brain works makes so much sense and has made everything fall into place.

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